Friday, 5 October 2012

This Stoner-Gulaptis pea and thimble trick would be laughable if it didn't affect NSW North Coast families

It is good to see The Daily Examiner is not letting go of this subject:
There will be 41 clerical and administration positions for which the salary will be between $54,742 - $59,512.
The remaining four jobs will consist of leadership roles which will pay $82,000- $91,000 and $108,000 for the top job.
Even if the people who apply for these jobs negotiate their pay for the top figures suggested, the total value of this project in terms of wages for the Clarence Valley will be just over $2.9 million per year.
This figure is substantially less than the $9 million in wages the Valley lost when the State Government down-scaled the jail and a far cry from fulfilling Mr Stoner's famous claim to an ABC journalist that his Government would leave Grafton better off in terms of public service jobs.
None of these jobs will involve contracts longer than three years, said a spokesman from the department of Crown Lands……

These Crown Land Division public service positions were first advertised at Jobs NSW on 2 October 2012 and applications close on 14 October 2012.

Only 43 of the 45 mentioned appear to be Grafton-based - the remaining two are at Newcastle.

None seem to have been advertised in Clarence Valley media and, as the Crown Lands office in Grafton was already marked by O'Farrell's razor gang to lose seven permanent positions and another twenty may also be affected, one has to wonder if all these jobs Stoner is talking about are actually being filled internally within the department and therefore will not be available to the one hundred or so people made redundant as a result of the Grafton Gaol closure.

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