Monday, 16 July 2012

Moggy Musings [Archived material from Boy the Wonder Cat]

A kamikaze musing: Bruce the Cocky who lives in a local backyard has been squawking an alarm for days. He reckons that two voters crashing into cars holding the LNP Queensland Premier and Lib Opposition Leader points to a secret cadre of kamikaze voters determined to rid the country of political nasties. Tempting thought, but I think poor Bruce has been at the germinating seed again.

A just sayin' musing: Wonder which North Coast pair are rumoured to have taken a leaf out of the Vellar-Morgan play book?

An I can't believe they call this democracy musing: My little canine friend Veronica Lake says that locals are close to open revolt down Yamba way. Apparently the highhanded antics of Scotfree, Dodgy & Dessie are giving rise to kitchen table talk of ICAC complaints and damn the tender sensibilities of shire councillors prior to local government elections.

A Who can't take criticism? musing: My little canine friend Veronica Lake tells me that the latest bark on the block is a rumour that The Daily Examiner is editing online comments which point to holes and errors in its featured stories. Tsk, tsk, if this is true.

An ad aversion musing: Overheard my hoomin say that if BOM places advertizing on its website she'll go back to looking out the window to check on the weather.

A still giggling musing: Which NSW North Coast editor once wrote this in an online profile? Who I'd like to meet: French footballers, Swedish porn stars, binge drinkers, lost souls and artistic temperaments. Italian desperados need not apply. and Q: How will you be defined in the dictionary? A: A lewd street performer

A Get Smart musing: On 23 January 2012 the Liberals Deputy Leader Julie Bishop’s RMI listed the gift of a media pad from Huawei Technologies (Aust) Pty Ltd. This company also appears to have paid for her accommodation when she visited China in January 2012. Isn’t this an Australian subsidiary of the Chinese corporation that ASIO has warned the Gillard Government against? Radio New Zealand News: Huawei has been blocked from winning contracts to upgrade Australia's broadband network and from doing some business deals in the United States due to security concerns.


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