Thursday, 15 December 2011

“The Tribunal is conscious that the cost of the Parliament and of federal parliamentarians is borne by the taxpayer” ROFLOL

"The Tribunal is conscious that the cost of the Parliament and of federal parliamentarians is borne by the taxpayer", sez the so-called independent Remuneration Tribunal as it gives Australian federal politicians a free ride on the gravy train this week – with more pay increases to come by the looks of it.
According to Granny Herald; "Tribunal president John Conde told reporters in Sydney the prime minister's new salary would be $481,000 - up from $367,000."  Reading the actual report shows that in reality current senators and MPs are also giving up almost nothing to place their political snouts in this overflowing feed trough and future parliamentarians will lose very little - while if they get so much as an ego bruise during Question Time it is recommended that worker's compensation should be available to the wounded.

Here are some quotes:

"The Tribunal intends to determine parliamentary base salary of $185,000."

"The Tribunal has accepted electorate allowance as a business expense payment and intends to maintain it in its current form."

"The base electorate allowance is now $32,000 per annum, distributed to members and senators monthly…..
Members do not have to seek approval for how they expend the electorate allowance, nor do they have to acquit the expenditure of their allowance to the Chamber Departments which pay it."

"Manager of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives, at 27.5% additional salary;
Shadow Cabinet minister, at 25.0% additional salary;
Shadow minister outside shadow Cabinet, at 20.0% additional salary."

"The Tribunal recommends that overseas travel provisions for the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Leaders of minor parties be enhanced."

"In preparing this recommendation I am mindful that Backbench Members of Parliament who are either a Chair or Deputy Chair of a substantive Committee of the Parliament, receive additional remuneration for the fulfilment of that obligation, that Officers of the Parliament also receive additional remuneration as do Ministers of the Crown and the Prime Minister.
This report has not focused on those allowances or the established relativities between a Backbench Member of Parliament and office holders within the Parliament, which I understand will be the subject of further enquiry by the Tribunal."

'Suse me – have to leave the room to chunder!

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