Friday, 9 December 2011

On feeling OLD........

Whatever happened to liquorice straps, sherbet cones, slate pencils, genuine musk sticks, rainbow balls, allsorts, mint leaves, bulls eyes, candy hearts, snow balls, caramel chews, tiny macaroons, freckles made with quality chocolate, big fat jelly babies with faces and navels, cobbers the size of doorstops and stick jaw toffees?
Oh, I feel OLD when I read this Roy Morgan graph with its list of sterile, globalised lollies:

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leone said...

I got that survey, it allowed opinions only on the major brands and some generics. There was no way to say you liked rainbow balls, or musk sticks or any of the other delights you mentioned.I couldn't say what I really liked, there were no options to do that, so I lied.