Monday, 12 December 2011

Nalliah's prayer organisation applies to become a political party

The Sydney Morning Herald, 30 November 2011

An early Christmas present for all those political tragics with a sense of humour.

On 6 December 2011 the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) sent out notification that it has advertised the following applications for party registration: Australian Christians and Rise Up Australia.

Catch the Fire Ministries' prophesying pastor Daniel Chelvendran Nalliah, (along with John Excell Shanasy, John Gerard Crock, Chandi Kroone, Estelle Mary O' Brien, Dennis Arthur Cecil O'Brien, Lynette Ann Hannie, Alexander Cornell Stewart, Wendy Ann Crook, Gary Timothy Hannie, Hendrik Bayly Kroone, Susan Margaret Shanasy) has decided that Rise Up Australia Ltd should become a political party, blessed with five hundred and fifty full members and an unnamed number of lesser affiliate members.

To maintain and promote our Christian heritage, culture and institutions as the foundations of a free, socially cohesive and democratic Australia - Keep Australia Australian.
To retain, maintain and promote our national sovereignty.
To uphold the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia with its Preamble which affirms that this nation is "humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God".
To acknowledge that our inalienable civil rights came to us through the Westminster system of government which recognises the ancient statues such as the Ten Commandments, The Magna Carta and the 1688 Bill of Rights as a primary source for our freedoms and responsibilities.
To retain our current national flag as the one for which our brave service men and women have fought and died.
To restore honesty, integrity, honour and courtesy within the Parliament and to encourage accountability of elected representatives.
To keep the size of government to the minimum, with the least possible intrusion in private lives while maintaining adequate social services, and discouraging political
correctness and unnecessary supervision of private life.
To simplify and reduce taxation to allow the aspirations of hard working individuals, families and businesses to flourish.
To create and promote social and economic conditions under which people are free to pursue prosperity and individual freedom within a just and peaceful society.
To restore and reinvigorate our national manufacturing base.
To maintain freedom of speech.
To maintain freedom of religion.
To uphold the institution of marriage as a union between a man and a woman.
To uphold the traditional family unit as a man, woman and children, as the building block of a stable and healthy society.
To promote compassionate treatment and acceptance of genuine refugees, and to discourage the arrival of illegal immigrants.
To be responsible stewards of our environment, balancing the needs of food security, protection of fragile areas and industry.
To support the sovereign nation of Israel with Jerusalem as its undivided religious capital.

Aims and objectives which [ahem] fit in so well with 2009 Ernie Award Winner and former Family First party member Pastor Nalliah’s known views on the desirability of God’s wrath being visited on the followers of Islam, women, gays, naughty school children, bushfire and flood victims, multicultural societies or anyone else who doesn’t agree with his very narrow world view.

Nalliah is apparently eyeing off a seat in the Australian Senate at the next federal election.


RobC said...

plaph"To keep the size of government to the minimum, with the least possible intrusion in private lives..."

"...unless the individual wishes to exercise control over her own reproductive choices. Or the Gays want to get married and raise a kid or two. Basically, we just want to make sure that nobody makes any laws that say we're not allowed to discriminate against poofs any more, but we're too gutless to come right out and say it."

Anonymous said...

I bet they get all the free publicity they could hope for from their ABC.