Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Member for Clarence: take your pick, 'Steve' Gulaptis or 'Chris' Cansdell

It seems there's a good deal of confusion in the electorate of Clarence as to who the current Local Member is and who might be pulling the Member's strings.
A couple of wags at the local watering hole reckon the surnames Cansdell and Gulaptis along with the given names Steve and Chris have become interchangeable. So much so, says my mate Robbo, that on any given day the local MP might be Chris or Steve. Robbo reckons that's going to come in real handy for the MP over the festival season - the MP can be in two places at once, party-partying (ho ho style) and driving along the Pacific Highway looking for speed cameras.
Click on the image below to reveal how some in the electorate see their local MP.

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