Saturday, 11 April 2009

Comic relief

No penis, no microphone

Herald journo Peter FitzSimons has this par in today's Sydney Morning Herald

Columnist for the Grafton Daily Examiner Peter Chapman on Tuesday: "While I hold no concerns about women reporting sport, I do not believe they should be handed a microphone to comment on major male sporting contests … I don't mind female sports journos doing colour reports, but for blow-by-blow, it has to be a male." His supporting argument? There wasn't one. Just, no penis, no microphone.


Free Willy said...

WTF! Daily Examiner editor Peter Chapman is a right richard head.
No wonder he moves about a bit - he obviously makes himself unpopular with any community in which he lives and works.

clarencegirl said...

I liked the fact that Peter Chapman in his DEX "Comment" article last Tuesday said the fact that he had hired female sports journalists in the past (but apparently never let then cover major male sports matches) meant that he "can't be labelled a male chauvinist".
The man is having himself on.

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