Friday, 6 June 2008

Totally underwhelmed by the latest Bright Idea, Prime Minister

Everyone's noticing. It's almost as though the Prime Minister can't stand one moment of media time passing without an announcement of one of his Bright Ideas.
Yesterday it was teh vision for South-East Asia.
Something to rival the European Union and presumably the UN (after all our Kev doesn't think small).
To be smooched into place by veteran diplomat Richard Wilcox in time for, you guessed it, 2020.
Anti-terrorism, defence, free trade, regional politics, energy and resource security - all would be resolved through harmonious cooperation.
Yeah, Rudd wants it all and he wants America in the mix. I'm sure adding an imperial barracuda like the US would seal everyone's fate and possibly destroy the region.
Oi, Kev! Hold the horses, mate. Did you even run any of this by the Australian electorate in the lead up to last November's federal election?
Any mention you might have had slipped in during a workshop at the unrepresentative, undemocratic and elitist Australia 2020 summit earlier this year doesn't count.
Fer gawd's sake! Will the Deputy PM gather a few sane Labor souls and have them bundle Rudd into a quiet, dark room for a week until his hyperactive imagination subsides.

At the very least - don't let him on Sunday's flight to Japan unless he is sufficiently medicated.

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