Sunday, 9 March 2008

A short list of pollies who should've been drowned at birth

A short list of pollies who should've been drowned at birth and some reasons why
Brendan Nelson - for that mean spirited attempt at an apology to the Stolen Generations, condoning MPs retiring just because they don't like being on the Opposition benches, and for being generally useless.
Peter Costello - for taking his portmanteau of grimaces with him when he went to the backbench and for obviously deciding that the work of parliament is now beneath him. 
Tony Abbott - for still defending the indefensible policies of John Howard, having the hide to describe NT Intervention law as having 'purity', and for continuing to inflict those d*amn ears on us all.
Alexander Downer - for thinking the Australian electorate now owes him a work-free living until he decides when to take early retirement.
Wilson 'Iron Bar' Tuckey - for revelling in both his nickname and his barely concealed racism, as well as thinking that a paid engagement on the Love Boat was a proper use of an MP's time.
Joe Hockey - for constantly nitpicking and blustering during Question Time and for repeatedly misquoting Part 3 Section 39 of the Australian Constitution.
Luke Hartsuyker - for embarrassing his electorate with his baa-baa mentality on that Friday House of Reps sitting day.
Warren Truss - for failing to take firm control of the Nationals and allowing its MPs to walk all over him.
Mark Vaile - for acting as a paid lobbyist in the Middle East and for not remembering that this was where he only escaped the Oil-for-Food scandal by the skin of his teeth.
Julie Bishop - for giving what must be the silliest hairsplitting reasons why the Coalition should not support the abolition of WorkChoices and then recanting same. 
Malcolm Turnbull - for constantly trailing his prospective leadership cape in front of the media when he knows it is still possible that the unresolved HIH matter may make him an embarrassment to the Liberal Party.
Peter McGuaran - for cynically changing parties and then standing for re-election with his fingers crossed behind his back.
Christopher Pyne - for continuing to inflict on us all and for defending Costello, Downer etc.

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Colin Campbell said...

Where is your spirit of reconciliation? The longer this crowd carry on like this, the longer they will be in opposition. Hopefully for ever.